Friday, June 30, 2006

New fundraising standards released for consultation

The Fundraising Standards Board, officially launched last month to promote self regulation of charity fundraising, is consulting on a new donor charter. First published by the Institute of Fundraising in 2001, the charter outlines the principles of the relationship between fundraisers and donors. A new version of this promise is now under consultation and charities that sign up to the FSB will be required to commit to these new standards.

The new document sets out the “ten commandments” to which the participating charities must adhere. These include promising to be honest, open, accountable, respectful to donors and committed to high standards.

Jon Scourse, director of the FSB, said: “For the large part, these key principles are a matter of common sense that many charities are already adhering to. But for those that sign up to self-regulation compliance with donor’s charter is obligatory. It will ensure that charities work together, raising standards across the sector and communicating those standards of practice effectively to the general public.”

The consultation period will last 12 weeks, and the charter can be viewed at


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