Sunday, March 25, 2007

Small charities no longer forced to register with Charity Commission

Up to 38,000 small charities are now able to opt out of producing annual registration reports to the Charity Commission, potentially saving the sector £1.3 million in staff costs.

The latest element of the Charities Act, which comes into force on 23 March, means charities with an annual income below £5,000 are no longer compelled to register themselves with the regulator. The previous threshold was just £1,000. Small charities which hold an endowment or own land will also not be forced to register.

According to the Cabinet Office, an estimated 20 hours of trustee time will be saved for each of the 1,500 small charities that register for the first time each year following the change in registration rules.

Any registered charities that fall below the new £5,000 income thresholds will now be able to choose whether to de-register. All charities will, however, remain under the regulatory jurisdiction of the Charity Commission.

Source: Charity Times News Alert 21st March 2007


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