Monday, September 05, 2005

Reasons why some people are much more successful than others

What do we mean by ‘successful’?

Everyone has their own definition. It could be making lots of money, being a successful fundraiser, building a valuable business, becoming famous, making a difference to people, enjoying life, having more security, more holidays, more time with the family, or a combination of some or all of these.

What is your definition?

Some people may want a combination of three things to define being ‘successful’ at work – for example, making more money (for themselves or their organisation), having more fun (or less hassle), spending less time at work and having a more time to enjoy life.

My proposal is that your own strategy for success should be based on what you want for your life and how your work will enable you to achieve those goals. Here is the first in a list of suggestions that will help.

Some of these suggestions come from mega-successful entrepreneurs, some are from my work with successful people in business and the voluntary sector, and others are provided by the Added Value Network.

You’ll find in this list or another that there is at least one great idea with the potential to dramatically improve your life and help you achieve your success – it all depends on what you do with it!

Successful people…

… set goals. In writing. And remind themselves every morning. Research shows that this can make you over 30 times as likely to succeed.… start with the end (or outcome) in mind. When they started their business, they had a clear vision of what it would be like when their plans reached fruition.

… use the 80:20 principle. They direct their efforts and energy to the 20% of things that make an 80% difference.

… give their customers what they want instead of just supplying what they know how to supply.

… find out what their customers hate and make sure it never, ever, happens!

… find out what turns their customers on and make sure it happens every time.

… know where their customers come from by asking, recording and analysing every enquiry.

… aren’t scared to ask their customers what they think of them.

Tony Gibbs, Founder and Principal of


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