Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Try Before You Buy Event Cardiff

Despite previously being a volunteer, I had no real experience or insight into the Voluntary Sector until I met charitytraining. Although I already knew Claire, my first experience with charitytraining came when I went along with Tony and Claire to a taster day of their BTEC Professional Certificate in Voluntary Sector Management in Cardiff. I was in for a real treat! As we motored down, feeling hungry and in need of a break from the beautiful scenery of the motorway, we came across what we thought was a service station. As we drove in, we saw one lorry followed by another and another and another. Someone must have moved the service station, either that or we had just gate crashed the annual Welsh Trucker’s Festival! So we thought it best to carry on driving. Thinking we had found salvation in the Little Chef a couple of miles down the road, we pulled in, desperate for a cup of coffee. We went in only to discover we had walked into a place where time had stood still since the 1970s! We quickly had our cup of freshly machine-made coffee and began again on our tip.

Arriving in Cardiff, we were lucky enough to see the magnificent Millennium Stadium, which was only a stones throw from our hotel. We checked in and made our way to our rooms, only to discover these too were stuck in a different decade! At breakfast we found out that the hotel was run by Basil and Sybil in true Faulty Towers style!

However, after sitting down to our hearty breakfast the day improved and we were welcomed to the training room where we would spend the rest of the by Anna and Adrian. One by one the delegates arrived and the workshop got underway. Everyone introduced themselves and it was nice to see a mixture of large and small charities attending, who by the end of the day could all see the value of the course to improve the running of their charities. One of the great things about the session was that everyone could freely talk about the problems that each their charities faced and how the session was already beginning to give them answers.

The main topics for the day were Leadership and Management. Everyone got really involved in the activities which gave all food for though on how their charities were managed and how important being a good leader and a good manager are to charities, regardless of their size. I certainly learnt a lot as did everyone attending. Tony was a great trainer for the day, explaining everything carefully and thoughtfully. He was professional but kept the day informal and relaxed so that all delegates felt at ease speaking to the group.

By Rebecca Green (

If you are interested in attending a try before you buy workshop which we run at various training centres across the county please email us on or call us on 01778 344113.


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