Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Normal service will soon be resumed...

... if you have found our usually high standards of repartee and service a bit lacking over the past few days, please bear with us as we have endured not one, but two attempts by local yobs to break in to the charitytraining offices (yes, we have them on CCTV).

Obviously the appeal of reading some of those BTEC assignments has been proving too much for some people who can't wait to get their hands on them! Hmm... just how long will it be before we see 2,000 words on the 'Joys of working with my charity' being offered on ebay?

Having started each morning this week sweeping up mountains of glass and tidying up, it's taken up valuable time usually spent supporting our lovely learners and caring customers. Normal service will soon be resumed...

Thanks to Paul and Pete and the rest of the guys and gals next door for their support - it's much appreciated.


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