Friday, February 23, 2007

Government needs to shift its focus

The Government needs to shift its focus to the 98% minority, says DSC in a new paper.

The Directory of Social Change has published a position paper about the changing nature of the relationship between the state, the private sector and voluntary activity.

Entitled 'The Interplay Between State, Private Sector and Voluntary Activity: A Vision for the Future', the paper sets out DSC’s thinking behind a number of government policies and practices towards voluntary activity.

One of the issues, says the report, is the disproportionate influence of just 2% of voluntary sector organisations over government policy, which in turn is aimed at this tiny minority.

The report also argues that the vast majority of the voluntary sector needs grant funding, not public sector contracts.

Above all, the report maintains that the voluntary sector's future is not for the state to determine. For the voluntary sector to flourish, it needs to be trusted to do its work.
To read the report click here


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