Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Women still face gender pay gap in third sector jobs

More women work in the third sector than men, but they are failing to reach the top posts and earn the top salaries, according to the new campaign group Third Sector Women.

Launching this month (May), the group aims to achieve equality between men and women working in the third sector to reach the top jobs. Currently most charity chief executives are men, and at senior level earn 20% more than their female colleagues.

Third Sector Women will work with female leaders, policy makers and membership bodies to achieve equality in pay and career opportunities, and to make work-life balance a reality in the sector.

Founder Rachel Whale said: “Many senior women do not earn the same as their male counterparts. We want to create a glorious escalator that will support women on their chosen direction of travel [in their] careers. Support will include role models, coaching and mentoring.”

Charity Times News Alert April 2007


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