Friday, November 10, 2006

What's happening to the sector?

As we know from the feedback we get from learners studying with us for the BTEC Professional Certificate in Voluntary Sector Management, there is a growing sense that the sector is at a crossroads, with the government reform of public services, the changing funding enironment, greater emphasis on skills and competencies at all levels, and recognition that more than ever before, all charities need to develop a more 'business-like' approach in their processes and behaviours.

These views are reflected in the Directory of Social Change November Quick Survey.

By it's own definition, DSC has been "on its high horse recently" over a few important developments in the world of the ‘voluntary’ sector, including the government’s push for greater sector involvement in delivering public services, the Treasury’s recent review of our ‘role’ (shouldn’t we have been reviewing them? claim DSC) and the decision by the Charity Commission to allow trustees to be paid.

As DSC ask, 'Are the government and other bodies, by their recent actions, fundamentally altering the ‘voluntary’ spirit of our sector?'

You can take part in an online survey at DSC ( with the results due to be published next month.


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