Thursday, September 08, 2005

More reasons why some people are much, much, more successful than others

Here is the second in a list of suggestions that come from mega-successful entrepreneurs, some are from my work with successful people, and others are provided by the Added Value Network.

You’ll find in this list or another that there is at least one great idea with the potential to dramatically improve your life and help you achieve your success – it all depends on what you do with it!

Successful people…

… ask their staff for ideas. If you’re the boss, never forget that you used to have good ideas before you were the boss!

… plan their escape! They know that if the organisation always depends on them being there that they will hold back its growth potential.

… rely on systems as well as people. If the organisation is only as great as its people, what happens if some of them leave or you want more of them?

… don’t try and do everything in-house. It’s easier to be good at a few things and to outsource things that you can’t do superbly.

… know that if you have a great idea, the world won’t beat a path to your door! With any invention or service, you may only be 1% of the way there, but it doesn’t mean that you can do everything else yourself such as sales and marketing, distribution, training, book-keeping etc.
Don’t waste years believing that you are the best at everything when you can achieve far more by bringing in others with more specialist skills than you possess.

… know that being the cheapest is usually a poor strategy. If you gain custom by being the lowest price then you’ll lose them when they can find it cheaper somewhere else!

Tony Gibbs
Founder and Principal of


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