Monday, September 12, 2005

Motivating Checklist - again!

Here are some more suggestions for motivational behaviours and ideas that you can use to build up your own motivating checklist for motivating the people you work with.

Think about what you can do to motivate those you work with and try out a new behaviour or idea each week. For example -

1. Do you show those you work with that you trust them and give them the freedom to get on, or do you constrain them with unnecessary controls?

2. Is the overall performance of each individual reviewed on a regular basis in a face-to-face discussion?

3. How do you show that you respect the people you work with? For example, if someone comes in to your office, do you move away from your computer keyboard and turn to face them or carry on working while talking? Do you keep looking at your watch or a clock on the wall when a member of your team is talking to you? If you return to the office and have a list of people to call back, who do you call first? Your customers or your staff?

Try them out. A different behaviour a day makes a difference to how people feel and how well motivated they are!


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